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I've been waiting all this time to be something I can't define.

Hello, Mario Karters (I know that sounded cheesy, you don't have to tell me)! My name is Jenna. I think Jenn rocks for making this community, because who doesn't love Mario Kart? I know I love it. I have Mario Kart Double Dash!! for Nintendo GameCube. I used to have the old school Mario Kart for Nintendo 64, but then my brother sold our N64 and all our games. Double Dash!! rocks too, though. My step-sister and I spent a ton of time winning all the trophies, karts, characters, and courses. Unfortunately, our memory card with all the stuff we won was erased, but we're building up to where we were again. It's all in good fun. :D

Again, Jenn, you rock for creating this lovely community. The layout is cool, the userinfo made me giggle, and the interests amuse me like no other. That must have taken forever to think of all that!

Well, have a good weekend, fellow Mario Karters. Happy Mario Karting! ♥
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